"I am so grateful this organization exists! At the very beginning of the pandemic my cat, Kit, started displaying strange behavior prompting a visit to the vet. Turns out he had to have 8 teeth pulled due to dental decay and inflamed gums. Poor guy. This resulted in quite the hefty vet bill that I couldn’t afford at the time during the pandemic. Luckily, a friend let me know of this awesome organization for Summit County residents. They helped pay for a huge portion of Kit’s bill allowing me to get him the care he desperately needed.

The process was easy and the organization worked seamlessly with my vet at the Silverthorne Veterinary Hospital.

A year later, I took Kit in for his yearly exam and the vets couldn’t be more thrilled with his clean bill of health!

If you’re looking for a worthwhile organization to donate to or volunteer for, I highly recommend donating to L.A.P.S.! I don’t have much but I’ve changed my Amazon Smile account to donate every time I make a purchase. It’s easy and I love knowing my tiny contribution will help other animals in our community!" -Jennicca

I have lived and worked as a veterinarian in Summit County since 1998. During this time, LAPS has always been there for Summit County Residents and their beloved furry family members.

LAPS is the difference for our community when owners are faced with the financial demands of unexpected, emergency, and even chronic medical needs for their pet. This is an immense emotional and financial relief for families and often is the solution for someone who is struggling with providing necessary medical care for a loved one while still allowing them to afford rent and put food on the table.

Christy Murphy DVM

Buffalo Mountain Animal Hospital