34th Annual K94K 

The 34th Annual

K94K in Frisco will be held on Saturday August 3rd.

If you are interested in volunteering for this fun event, please email laps@summitlaps.org for more information.

Check back this June for more information on the event and how to sign up!

Thanks to our volunteers and the Town of Frisco for making last year's event so much fun!

See video and pictures from the 2023 event below.

Shelter alumni Murphy participated in the event.

Contest participants wait their turn to compete.

Enjoying the run/walk on the rec path.

Lots of activities at the Frisco Historic Park

Follow that squirrel!  Our new race leader kept the dogs on the right path.

Current  adoptable dogs participating in the event.

Paw Painting

Always popular pup creams!

Busy at the LAPS tent

Enjoying a beautiful day on the course

Lining up to start!

Agility / dog game area.