K94K Sponsorship Page

Thank you for supporting our organization!

Sponsor Levels

All Sponsorship levels receive:

*Name announced from the podium throughout the K94K.  

*Thank you on our social media pages and member/ supporter newsletter. 

*Advertising or swag provided by your business to be included in  Registration bags. 

*Name on event newsletter

Bow Wow Sponsors ($499 and under)

All the above

Top Dog Sponsors ($500 to $999) will in addition have their:  

Name or Logo on banner at all LAPS events

Best in Class Sponsors ($1000 to $2499) will in addition  have their:

  Name or Logo on banner at all LAPS events.  

Name or Logo on promotional material for the K94K. 

Name as a sponsor on one of our activity booths at the K94K.  

Name or logo with link on our website until December 2023

Best in Show Sponsors ($2500 and above) will have their:  

All items listed in Best in Class.  

Name mentioned in radio ads for K94K when promoting the event.

Name or Logo placed prominently on the LAPS banner at all events.            

You will receive a confirmation from LAPS and PayPal after your donation.  Thank you!