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LAPS Currently Has These Opportunities to Help:

President-Elect- We are looking for a person to join us now and learn the role of president. The current president's term ends in March of 2023, so there is plenty of time to get involved and learn about the organization.

Treasurer - We need this filled immediately. Basic knowledge of bookkeeping is helpful along with the desktop version of Quickbooks.

Vice president - Learn the process for reviewing applications for medical assistance. We have a board member who does this currently, so this position will be a back-up when they are unavailable. This is a great way to understand the needs of the community and how LAPS helps meet those needs. This position will be responsible for updating the application as needed. Work with the president on specific LAPS programs (vouchers, K94K sponsorships) and take on areas of interest or that you have a special skill set with.

Events Director - All events (usually 4 to5 in the summer) are coordinated through this position, including K94K in July. You will have the support of the board and other key volunteers for specific areas of the K94K and other events. Our goal is to get volunteers to assist and / or head up other fundraising and outreach events and report to this position. The number of events and fundraisers is different each year depending on opportunities available.

Event / Fundraising Volunteers Non-K94k - Choose an event in 2023 to head up with the help of our Events Director or sign up to be notified to work at an event.

K94K Volunteers Sign up to be in charge of one of the areas for our largest fundraising event of the year. Areas include Silent Auction, Organize a specific Activity, (Food, Games, Paw Painting etc.), Photographer, Exhibitor Coordinator.

You can also sign up to work at the day of the event only. You will be contacted in June.

Specific Help Needed Volunteers Special projects and needs come up during the year. Put yourself on this mailing list and we will contact you with the need and to see if you are available to assist.

Email laps@summitlaps.org for more information on how to help our efforts.

Why volunteer with LAPS?

LAPS does not have ANY paid staff members ... just a very dedicated board of directors, members and volunteers to help raise money to help our community. These volunteers donated over 1900 hours in 2022 to help with our mission. LAPS can not continue to assist our community without your help.

We have fun dog friendly events for volunteers to help with either at the event or helping promote the event.

LAPS prides itself on extremely low overhead with nearly 100% of donations invested directly back into our community for the benefit of companion animals in need.

We look forward to seeing you at our next charity event. Please come have some good fun with others, for a great cause.