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Why volunteer with LAPS?

LAPS has a very dedicated board of directors, members and volunteers to help raise money to help our community.  These volunteers donated over 1400 hours in 2023 to help raise fund to provide assistance to our Summit Community.  LAPS can not continue to assist our community without your help.

We have fun dog friendly events for volunteers to help with either at the event or helping promote the event.

We look forward to seeing you at our next charity event. Please come have some good fun with others, for a great cause. 

LAPS Currently Has These Opportunities to Help:

Board positions: President, Vice President and Treasurer.  These are positions that provide direction and guidance to the board.  LAPS now has an Executive Director who is responsible for day to day administrative activities.

Fundraising Coordinator / Director -   Works with the Executive Director to manage existing fundraising avenues and develop new ones. Currently includes: Change Banks, Colorado Gives Day, Memorial Donations.

Events Coordinator / Director - Works with the Executive director to manage current scheduled events (not including the K94K) and on new event opportunities.  Will work with Executive Director to sign up volunteers, get information for events and marketing.

Graphic Design Help the Executive Director with designs for K94K and other marketing materials and posters. Uses Canva or other online tools for this. 

Social Media - Assist the Executive Director with Facebook, Instagram and other social media content in order to market LAPS.

Event Help  - support LAPS at events this summer.

K94K Committee  Volunteers -Sign up to be in charge of one of the areas for our largest fundraising event of the year. Areas include specific Activity, (Food, Games, Paw Painting etc.), Photographer, Exhibitor Coordinator. 

Specific Help Needed Volunteers -Special projects and needs come up during the year. Put yourself on this mailing list and we will contact you with the need and to see if you are available to assist.   

Email Mary at laps@summitlaps.org for more information or sign up for one of these areas.