Spay/Neuter Voucher

LAPS offers $100 Discount Vouchers for spay/neuter surgeries to anyone that lives or works in Summit County Colorado.  Vouchers can only be requested online below, they are no longer available at the the Summit County Animal Shelter in Frisco.

After filling out the form below,  you will receive an email at the email address provided on the form indicating that we have your request.  Another email will be sent within three days to that email address with the voucher information to provide to your chosen vet.  

If you have questions after you have filled out the form, contact email:

Please do not contact the shelter as they will have no information about the status of your voucher request!

Vouchers must be used at a local veterinary office:

Alpine Veterinary Practice

  Breckenridge Animal Clinic 

Buffalo Mountain Animal Hospital 

 Farmer’s Korner Veterinary Hospital

Frisco Animal Hospital 

 Silverthorne Veterinary Hospital   

      Park County Animal Hospital


Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!!

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