LAPS needs volunteers for events, fundraising, and grants

Want to volunteer at an event? Email lapsvol2@gmail.com and let Volunteer Coordinator Linda know your availability.

LAPS needs Board Members! We can always use motivated civic-minded citizens willing to dedicate the time and energy necessary to promote community welfare while helping LAPS organize events and process charity grant requests. If you are interested in making a commitment, please email us at laps@summitlaps.org and join our mission to care for Summit County companion animals in need.

LAPS does not have ANY paid staff members ... just a very dedicated board of directors. Advertising is generally donated by local media outlets and volunteer board members use their own personal computer and phone equipment. LAPS prides itself on extremely low overhead for insurance, event permits, and paper supplies only. Nearly 100% of donations will always be invested directly back into our community for the benefit of companion animals in need.

FUNDRAISING: LAPS would like to accomplish more by seeking more financial support through bequests, donations, and estate planning. Thus far, we have depended on events, grants, and membership dues to fund our programs. We need someone qualified to do the necessary paperwork for these kind of donations. We also need people who are willing to contact businesses and/or individuals who might be interested in contributing to LAPS annually or for a specific event.

CANINE 4K Run-Walk: We start the fundraising and sponsors search as early as April or May and it's a lot of work to bring it all together by early August. So if you know someone who's been overlooked by us... please talk with them & then call us to contact them if they would like to contribute money, prizes or time! We are always looking for new ideas to surprise you with. Our signature 4K Run-Walk requires lots of volunteers to keep things running smoothly, so please let us know if you would like to help out this year!

BARKS & BREWS: Volunteer to help organize this fun event!

DOG PARKS: LAPS is championing the installation of permanent Dog Parks throughout Summit County. Citizens are needed to join committees and attend local government meetings to actively lobby for dog parks in every town.

Everyone is encouraged to participate in LAPS by attending or volunteering at one of our many annual dog-friendly charity events. With only one dog park in Summit County, these dog-friendly community gatherings are especially important for socializing our loyal companions. Please email us at LAPS@summitlaps.org and help in our mission to care for Summit County companion animals in need. We truly appreciate your generous contributions over the years and look forward to seeing you at our next fundraiser. LAPS members receive discounts on entry fees at all events. If you know someone that may wish to join LAPS and donate yearly, please have them fill out the LAPS membership form and then bring to our next fundraiser or mail a check.

We look forward to seeing you at our next charity event. Please come have some good fun with others, for a great cause.