2020 Virtual K94K

Help LAPS celebrate their 30th Anniversary by participating in the Virtual 2020 K94K fundraiser with ANY kind of pet (horse, cat, you name it)!

2020 VIRTUAL K94K is TWO DAYS long!

Sat, August 1st & Sun, Aug 2nd

Register by Aug 2nd and pick up shirt/swag at the Animal Shelter in Frisco on:

Thurs, July 30th, 5-7pm

Fri, July 31st, 11:30-1:30

Sun, Aug 2nd, 9-10:30am

Choose your own course and post photos to Instagram @summitlaps80443 and Facebook #lapsk94


Registration form is available to down-load and mail or Register and pay with Eventbrite either through the registration to the right, or by clicking here. NO MORE MAILED REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

DISCOUNTED Registration has been extended through Aug 2nd! You can buy extra custom 4K t-shirts, logo mugs and thermos on Eventbrite too!

*All Registration ends Aug 2 at 10pm

Exciting new addition to our weekend virtual event! Randall McKinnon, a local favorite, will be giving a live stream concert from outside the Summit County Animal Shelter on Sunday, August 2nd starting at 9 am. Join us LIVE on our Facebook page for some great tunes and appearances by adoptable shelter animals. You will have a chance to make a donation and Randall has generously donated all "tips" also, so ALL proceeds will benefit LAPS. Thank you Randall and thank you participants!

Here's our FB link to join in: https://www.facebook.com/events/293117391881496/

T-shirt design by Elizabeth Litwiller Squeeze Designz


All paid registrations for 1st pet/human receive a designer T-shirt, pet participant ribbon & doggy treats. (Additional family pets only get treats and ribbon). You can participate with NO PET too!

IF YOU REGISTER BY Aug 1st, you can pick up your swag at the Animal Shelter (dates/times above). If you register after the 1st, you will have to make arrangements to pick up your stuff later.

When you pick up your swag at the Animal Shelter, you can buy extra shirts along with more mugs/caps/travel mugs with Credit/Cash (No change given for cash).

**No merchandise can be shipped/mailed but arrangements to meet up in Summit County later in the month can be arranged!

If you can’t pick up on these days, please email LAPS@summitlaps.org to arrange pickup after the event. Wear an older K94K shirt for your photos if you have one!


This year, take advantage of the opportunity to show off ALL your pets and ride your horse or leash your cat or whatever!

Be sure to follow COVID19 protocol and keep your pet on a leash and under control at all times. Clean up after your pets!!!

All pets should be current on their rabies vaccination, (if applicable). Walk a pet who will enjoy being around other people and animals. Do not walk your pet if its behavior is dangerous to others.

With many of our 2020 fundraisers being canceled (and our expenses ongoing!) we are offering a FREE vacuum insulated travel mug with any additional donation of $20 or more, that you send in with your 4K registration! Free mugs, extra shirts/caps/mugs can be purchased when you pick up your t-shirt & swag on July 30-31st at the Animal Shelter!